Thank you to everyone who worked hard on Valley Tent Revival! There are too many to name, but let’s try: all who read scripture, said a prayer, zoomed, live-streamed, hosted, taught, sang, troubleshooted, played, typed, planned, called, decorated, ran cables, videotaped, practiced, learned ‘how to’! May God bless you until next year!

Thank you to Pastor Bill Kilgore whose passion for the Lord is evident in every presentation. Thank you driving here from Texas, for being flexible with each accommodation with our changing world, and for being so gracious!

Thank you to Lucas Jurek for making EVERY attempt (within the law!) to make it across the border to be with us! Your patience with adjusting to live-stream, different time zones, changing venues allowed us to all be blessed! Maybe one day we’ll get to meet you in person!

Thank you to Heaven’s Mountain Band who brought us a sincere, heartfelt concert! If you haven’t seen it, you MUST watch so you will be blessed as we were!

Congratulations to our VTR Mug Winners, “Iron Eagle”, Jean Crawford, “Rand McNally”, Ellie Anderson, Barbara Baptist, Donnie McDonald, and Carlynn Williams! If you haven’t already, please email us your mailing address. We will ship them off the week of June 15.

As plans are made for future events, we will post on this website. 


June 9-13, 2020

A small group of lay individuals in New Market felt that the Valley Tent Revival of 2019 had been a very important experience for families and decided to present the event again in 2020! With the permission of the Potomac Conference and with the Lord’s leading, the planning committee has continued to meet to plan the program. We are stepping out in faith believing that many will want to attend, either in person if allowable, or live stream, this local event. Whatever your chronological or spiritual age, we believe you’ll love spending this time with us.

Please come!

MISSION: To inspire healthy faith communities, connecting people to Jesus.