As COVID-19 continues to create new hardships, new approaches are necessary for the future of Valley Tent Revival. In light of continued isolation and the future uncertainty, the planning committee has acknowledged the need to re-evaluate how Valley Tent Revival 2020 will happen, if at all.

With that said, please pray for the future of our country, and what our part is in creating a Revival. Only wanting to do God’s Will, we will be seeking his guidance and evaluating our options as we get closer to June 9-13, 2020. So don’t take the date off your calendar, but look for updates on Facebook and the website.

May God bless you and your loved ones!

June 9-13, 2020

A small group of lay individuals in New Market felt that the Valley Tent Revival of 2019 had been a very important experience for families and decided to present the event again in 2020! With the permission of the Potomac Conference and with the Lord’s leading, the planning committee has continued to meet to plan the program. We know the General Conference Session being held in July is occupying many attendee’s summer plans, but we are stepping out in faith believing that many will want to attend this local event. Whatever your chronological or spiritual age, we believe you’ll love spending these few days with us.

Please come!

MISSION: To inspire healthy faith communities, connecting people to Jesus.